Escarole is money.

Escarole Finance originates, funds, and facilitates borrower repayments on both traditional and decentralized financial systems.

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Private credit is privately negotiated loans and debt financing made directly to borrowers by investors or non-bank lenders. This includes small business and consumer loans, venture debt, and other forms of private debt.

Escarole Finance provides creative capital solutions across a broad range of industries and asset classes.


Private credit is a $1.5 Trillion dollar investment opportunity.

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Escarole invests in short-term debt instruments whose value doesn't fluctuate as much as equities and commodities, which can be influenced by market sentiment or speculation.

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Escarole generates yield on its investments via fixed interest rates that are based on the performance of carefully selected underlying assets or borrowers.

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Private credit investments protect funds through careful underwriting, collateral (real assets), and covenants (what the borrower can or can't do).


Please contact us if you would like additional information about Escarole Finance or to learn about the capital solutions we offer.

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